Chris Mullins

Intake Academy™, LLC a division of Mullins Media Group™, LLC

Ms. Chris Mullins, an entrepreneur and business owner for over 28 years, is also known worldwide as The Famous Phone Sales Doctor™. Chris Mullins is also CEO of INTAKE ACADEMY™ LLC and has helped hundreds of law firms and other businesses to improve their use of the telephone through mystery call shopping with a special focus on the architecture of the “Relationship Sales Conversion™” Script, script review, sales and staff coaching. Chris Mullins and her Amazing Rock Star Team of In-House Certified Coaches all hand selected and trained personally by Chris to coach clients that are serious implementers to drastically in­crease ap­pointments (sales) from your existing in­coming prospect calls that you are no doubt spending huge sums of money just to get them to dial your phone number, to raise their hand to show some level of interest including inspecting website live chat services that are also set up to attract leads, but is that REALLY happening? Our team Mystery Chats for you and shares with you our own MullinSIZED INTAKE ACADEMY Sales Chat Conversion Language. Mullins is legendary for coaching law firms, franchises, call centers, answering services and all types of business owners and sales professionals to “No Excuses” peak productivity. Chris Mullins and team with the clients’ permission, listen to your phone calls to design an incoming and outbound sales telephone script for you that is easy to implement and instantly makes you more money.

Dan Kennedy says… “Chris Mullins expertly and ably attacks a very significant problem area costing almost every law firm and all businesses large sums:  the handling of inbound and outbound telephone calls.  Attorneys, business owners and corporations spend huge amounts of money making the phone ring, and then invest little or no serious effort at insuring each type of call is handled properly and professionally.  I have urged clients of mine to utilize Chris Mullins, her programs and her team to work on this and see the profitable results.”

To learn more about how you can convert your intake process, case managers and lawyers into a relationship building sales conversion machine, go to CLICK onCONTACTin the upper right corner of the page to schedule a FREE Mystery Call and private, confidential, ATTORNEY-ONLY Telephone Consult with Chris Mullins!  During your consult, Chris will tell you everything that went right, identify missed sales opportunities and tell you exactly how to fix them immediately!

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