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levin Fred Levin:  “I was absolutely amazed at the number of young trial lawyers that were attending the seminar. I noticed that what was different from this seminar and all others is that everyone seemed to be taking serious notes. Even the seminars that started very early; at 6:30 A.M.; were well attended. I would certainly recommend, especially to young lawyers, that they come to the Summit to learn from the masters.” 
allred Gloria Allred:  “The Trial Lawyers Summit in Miami is the ‘can’t miss’ event of the year for trial lawyers. You will be using the knowledge and relationships you gain from attending the TLS for the rest of your career. The topics discussed were not only informative but also extremely relevant to the ever-changing world of law and the speakers were the best of the best.” 
romano John Romano: “The Trial Lawyers Summit is a genuine ‘get-ready-for-trial’ event! This is America’s premier trial advocates seminar for learning about trial, readying for trial, and having personal & meaningful one on one discussions with some of the USA’s most experienced ‘verdict lawyers.’ The summit has proven to be a practice altering educational experience. It is a true must-not-miss!” 
girardi Tom Girardi: “Everyone in this fine organization belongs to many terrific groups of lawyers dedicated to the trial practice. I must honestly say, however, the best seminars I have ever attended are those of The National Trial Lawyers’ seminars.  The topics are new and the advice is fresh. One of my partners said to me, ‘I think it would be malpractice not to attend.'” 
chris-searcy-photo-endorsements Christian Searcy:  “Trial Lawyers Summit is a gathering of eagles! We can’t beat mid-winter in Miami for brain storming what’s happening and what works on our big cases with the top trial lawyers in the country.”  
keller Jennifer Keller:  “The Trial Lawyers’ Summit is just what it promises:  a gathering of the nation’s great trial attorneys, with in-depth presentations from the perspective of people who have actually been in the trenches.  This is no academic conference featuring ‘litigators’ who have never tried a case to jury verdict, or who think arguing a summary judgment motion is the equivalent.  These are the best of the best from the criminal defense and plaintiff’s bar.” 
echher John M. Eccher | Partner | Hollingshead, Paulus & Eccher:  “I had the pleasure of attending my first Trial Lawyers Summit, and I must say that it was, by far, the most worthwhile and beneficial legal conference that I’ve ever attended.  Presentations by and networking with some of the best trial lawyers in the country; relevant and valuable conference subject areas – namely, trial and marketing skills; and satisfaction of all continuing legal education requirements for the year– all in a beautiful, relaxing, luxurious setting.  I look forward to attending, along with my law partners, on an annual basis for years to come!”
omara Mark O’Mara:   “I don’t need to encourage any past attendees at the summit to show up for future summits, as it is such a great time, I know they will. For those who could not make it to any of the summits, or have not yet been to be one, I strongly encourage you to give the gift of this summit to yourself and to your practice.  This is an extraordinary group of lawyers and the camaraderie between the civil bar and the criminal bar benefits both.  Particularly for my friends in the criminal bar: this is a seminar you do not want to miss.  Hopefully I’ll see you in 2017.” 
medivisuals Bob Shepherd, MS, CMI, FAMI President and CEO, MediVisuals: “MediVisuals has been exhibiting at the NTL Summit since it began four years ago.  The first conference was great and every year it gets bigger and better.  The staff couldn’t be more pleasant and helpful. The attorneys who attend are players and decision makers and lots of time is built in the schedule to mingle with the attendees.”
page-1 Bill Fukui Business Development Director Page 1 Solutions, LLC: “Just a quick note to share our exhibiting experience at this year’s Summit meeting. The service and accommodations for exhibitors was great, and we enjoyed our time. Most importantly, it boils down to booth activity, engagement with attendees, and even other vendors.  In all these aspects, I can say we were very pleased.  Personally, this was the most interactive legal meeting I have attended.  The energy and camaraderie among attendees made this a win for Page 1 Solutions. I look forward to the next meeting.” 
fairley Stephen Fairley, The Rainmaker Institute: “We exhibited at the National Trial Lawyers Summit this year and had a fantastic experience. There were constantly people at our booth, asking questions and interacting with us. We attend a lot of events every year, but I have never found as many high quality decision makers at one legal conference. Far too often you spend a lot of money exhibiting only to find out attendees are not decision makers. At NTL you find mostly owners, managing partners, and top attorneys! We have already closed several new deals because of our attendance at NTL! I highly recommend it!”


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