2020 Partners:

Legal TV Leads

Mark Sullivan is an accomplished legal marketing expert with over 20 years of television media experience. Prior to starting Legal TV Leads, Mark was an Executive for Tribune Broadcasting Corporation for 8 years. Mark co-founded Legal TV Leads and has revolutionized the way law firms advertise on television. Their pay-per-performance model allows law firms to advertise on broadcast television, regardless of their budget, and generate guaranteed leads in their local market. “Too often I’ve seen businesses spend thousands of dollars on expensive advertising campaigns with no results, so I decided to create Legal TV Leads, an agency that believes each dollar spent should have a measurable and guaranteed result.”

Legal TV Leads works with hundreds of law firms and delivers calls in the majority of television markets nationwide. Whether it is a large metropolitan city or a small-town DMA, they can generate quality PI leads from television. They offer a variety of campaigns: their signature pay-per-lead model, customized branding and mass tort campaigns.


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