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Bill Hauser

Bill Hauser
SMB Team


Bill is the CEO of the SMB Team, speaker, (newly married) husband, marketing magician, and dirt bike enthusiast.  With the largest weekly talk show in the legal industry (perhaps you've seen or heard of our Laws of Business Mastermind), Bill has interviewed both legal and business tycoons. He's had the pleasure of interviewing: Magic Johnson, Kevin O'Leary, Grant Cardone, Jordan Belfort, Alex Rodriguez, Jillian Michaels and two speakers at the NTL Business of Law Conference speakers (Mike Morse & John Nachazel).

In the last four years, he has scaled his law firm growth company – SMB Team – to over 300% Year-over-Year growth. He's helped over 31 law firms double their revenues, all while rocketing SMB Team to become the fastest growing business-growth company.

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