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Jose Baez

Jose Baez
The Baez Law Firm


Jose Baez, founder of The Baez Law Firm, is widely recognized as one of the nation's top trial attorneys. Baez is a well-respected litigator known for his passion, hard work, brilliant courtroom strategies, and above all— winning the most complex cases. Few trial lawyers have ascended to national prominence as quickly and spectacularly as Baez.

Baez's practice focuses on complex criminal and civil litigation, including white-collar and civil-rights cases. With a distinct specialty in high-profile matters, Baez has defended prominent individuals and corporations across the United States with charges ranging from murder and manslaughter to tax evasion, money laundering, complex residential and contract disputes, criminal immigration charges, bank fraud, mail and wire fraud, securities fraud, and health care related crimes. In addition, his experience extends to civil matters involving bringing suit against some of the country's largest insurance companies.

Baez's rise to national acclaim can be traced to 2008 when he represented Casey Anthony. Ms. Anthony was charged with first-degree murder and faced the death penalty. After winning an acquittal in the Anthony murder trial, Baez became known for "shocking the world" in what TIME Magazine dubbed the "Social Media Trial of the Century." While the victory saved his client's life, it also changed Baez's life overnight.

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