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Amy Singer

Amy Singer
Trial Consultants, Inc.,Douglas R. Beam P.A.


Singer, Ph.D. is a noted trial consultant and litigation psychologist. As one
of its earliest, most influential, and heavily imitated practitioners, Singer
helped to pioneer the field of trial consulting during the 1980s. As a result
of her revolutionary concepts and approach, Singer was able to take what at the
time was a rudimentary – and to many trial attorneys, probationary – discipline
to a robust new level of professional practice, courtroom accomplishment and
potent capability. By conclusively demonstrating to litigators that it is value
beliefs, not juror demographics, which correlate most strongly with jury
verdicts, Dr. Singer radically transfigured how litigators conduct voir dire.
In the process, she thoroughly transformed the zeitgeist of trial planning and
preparation for attorneys across the United States, and later, around the


Singer, a visionary and nationally recognized authority, leads the way in the
art, science, and

of decision making and the psychology of persuasion. Dr. Singer is a licensed
psychologist who is an expert in statistical methodologies, data analysis, and
applied research.


firm, Trial Consultants, Inc.®, which she founded in Miami in 1979, is the
oldest trial consulting firm in the United States. Singer is a pioneer and
nationally acknowledged authority in the field of litigation psychology, a discipline
that provides jury research and selection, focus groups, social media
analytics, shadow juries, venue studies, witness preparation, trial, and ADR
strategy. Singer continues to serve as a popular and prolific author, trial
consultant, and speaker contributing her expertise to national publications,
broadcast media, legal associations, and high-profile cases such as the
“Slenderman” case, Casey Anthony, Dr. Kevorkian, Michael Jackson, William
Kennedy Smith and O. J. Simpson trials to name a few.

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