Ilya Lerma

Firm Name: Ilya Law
Location: PhoenixAZ
Speaking Session: Courtroom Playbook (Breakout)



Experienced attorney Ilya E. Lerma represents plaintiffs in complex personal injury cases in Greater Phoenix and throughout Arizona, including:

  • Those who sustain serious injuries in drunk driving accidents when the driver has been over-served alcohol in licensed liquor establishments (such as bars and restaurants) in violation of the law
  • Persons suffering catastrophic injuries in collisions between commercial carriers and conventionally sized cars and trucks
  • Victims of accidents caused by auto defects and malfunctioning consumer products
  • Families whose elderly loved ones have been injured and exploited by physical, verbal, and financial abuse or neglect in nursing homes
  • Insurance policyholders who company has wrongfully denied claims or failed to live up to their obligations under their policy for life, disability, or casualty insurance, and the company has committed bad faith
  • Victims harmed through professional negligence, such as financial and insurance producers, or real estate agents who breached fiduciary obligations, breached a contract, or committed other acts of negligence or fraud


The Law Office of Ilya E. Lerma LLC offers free initial consultations. Home and hospital visits can be arranged for those who are too injured to travel. The contingency fee basis for Ms. Lerma's legal services means that no attorney fees are owed unless your case is won.


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