Jim Brady

Firm Name: Cartiga
Location: WalpoleMA
Speaking Session: Business of Law


James J. Brady, Esq., CRO: Mr. Brady has been a successful personal injury attorney for 25 years and has operated his own law practice for 20 of those 25 years. During that time, he has successfully settled over 3,500 personal injury cases. Mr. Brady started off as an investor at Ardec in 2002 and then was hired as a consultant to underwrite all of Ardec’s deals. Mr. Brady has underwritten over 6,000 deals at Ardec. In addition, Mr. Brady has acquired financing lines from four different sources (Sage Crest, Law Finance Group, Brevet Capital and IAF) during his tenure as owner of Ardec. All three lines were concluded successfully and repaid in full, with each line providing consistently better terms than its predecessor.

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