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Mark O'Mara

Mark O'Mara
O'Mara Law Group


Mark M. O’Mara has been a fixture in the Central
Florida legal community since 1982. While he started his career as a prosecutor
for the State Attorney’s office in Seminole County, he crossed to the other
side of the courtroom and has served as a defense attorney ever since. Mark is
one of the very few lawyers in Florida who is Board Certified in Criminal Trial
Law and Marital and Family Law, he is certified in Collaborative Law and he is
a Supreme Court Certified Family Mediator and Circuit Civil Mediator. He has
practiced in both state and federal courts throughout the eastern seaboard and
has co-counseled on matters throughout the nation. As a trial consultant, Mr.
O’Mara helps other lawyers perform at their peak in trials with complicated
legal issues and intense media scrutiny.

While leading the high-profile defense of George
Zimmerman, Mr. O’Mara received acclaim for his even-handed management of the
controversial case. His on-camera experience during the trial won him a spot as
a CNN legal analyst, a position he has proudly held since 2013. Since the
verdict, Mr. O’Mara has decided to use his voice to contribute to the national
conversation about race, guns, self-defense, the media, and the criminal
justice system and he speaks frequently on these topics.

Moreover, he started a non-profit organization called
Justice Outreach, designed to identify and fix problems with the justice
system, particularly in juvenile justice, and he is an advocate for change in
state and national laws that lead to the over-prosecution of American citizens,
whether it be by unbridled prosecutors or inappropriately applied minimum
mandatory sentencing schemes.

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