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2021 Partners:

Damon Barr

Firm Name: Broughton Partners
Location: SavannahGA
Speaking Session: NTL Digital Marketing Master Class


Damon B. Barr is the chief revenue officer (CRO) and the chief financial officer (CFO) at Broughton Partners where he brings a wealth of experience to oversee the company’s sales and finance efforts. He also provides strategic direction to the marketing team and helps the company build partnerships with litigating law firms.

Damon is an expert and thought leader in advertising, digital marketing, customer acquisition, data and analytics, technology, and enterprise sales. His proven track record for scaling businesses, growing market share, and increasing bottom-line revenues continues to help focus the trajectory of Broughton Partners.

In addition to his involvement with Broughton Partners, Damon is also a principal in several ventures where he maintains active advisory roles. As a father of two young girls, he is passionate about ensuring we create a safer world without corporate negligence for his children and future generations.

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