Tom Langley

Tom Langley

Thomas Langley & Company

Thomas Langley is the CEO and President of Thomas Langley & Company Inc. located in Atlanta Georgia. He practices traffic accident reconstruction and provides expert witness testimony across the United States.  He has worked extensively in developing new technologies for more precise and detailed accident reconstructions including early adoption of CAD (Computer aided diagramming) in the early 90’s, Laser baseline measuring systems in the early 2000’s along with being the first to own and utilize 3d scanning lasers for accident reconstruction in the US.  He has used 3D mapping incorporating aerial drone technology (Unmanned Aerial Systems) to create highly accurate and correct 3d maps for use in trial and mediations.

Mr. Langley has instructed police officers and engineers advanced reconstruction technologies for the last 20 years.  He is a master instructor from the United States Air Force and is a Georgia Peace Officer Standards and Training Instructor in Accident Reconstruction.  He is a member of the Accreditation Commission on Traffic Accident Reconstruction since 1997.

Mr. Langley has testified in State, Superior and Federal Courts in many states.

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